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Siemens Desigo™ Total Room Automation


Invest in your building’s future and quickly benefit from significantly lower operating costs. As an essential part of building automation, our Desigo systems lower energy consumption of every room in your building. The innovative Green Leaf symbol encourages room users to actively save energy, reducing operating costs and improving your property’s environment. At the same time, Desigo lowers your building’s CO2 emissions and promotes your building’s green credentials saving the worlds natural resources whilst saving you money.


In addition, Desigo Total Room Automation optimises and links heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting and shading for optimal room temperature, air quality and lighting conditions in any situation.


Siemens solutions delivered by East Coast Controls are based on the proven quality of a broad installed base.

Active energy management by room users. An innovative energy efficiency feature detects unnecessary energy consumption and alerts users by changing the colour of the leaf from green to red.


This feature empowers building occupants to take control of their personal carbon footprint.

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